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What is Cobalt SSI?

Simple Sale Interface lets you quickly develop any field to sell anything you want.

SSI stands for Simple Sale Interface

From A Development Perspective

Our SSI technology (a set of classes) will handle most of the e-commerce process for you.

What do we mean with “e-commerce process”?

All these functions like connecting the user to the payment gateway, processing the sale, receiving the order confirmation from the payment gateway, sending out notifications and everything what you expect to happen when an internet sale is processed.

That means:

  1. We develop payment gateways and fields separately.
  2. We add a new payment gateway and it becomes available for all e-commerce fields
  3. We do not need to handle payment process inside every field
  4. When we develop a field we only concentrate on the individual field behavior and leave the hard work to our rock solid SSI technology

This is why we call it Simple.

Simple to use, but at the same time very complex and advanced in its functionality in the background.

Simple to build another field based on this technology - and i mean not only for us. Following some simple rules, anyone with basic scripting experience can build his individual field on our SSI technology.

From An End User Perspective

What does it mean for you as a customer?

  1. Stable, proven e-commerce environment, which can be trusted

  2. Easily extendable for any special requirement you can think of

  3. Cheaper solution based on proven technology. The development process (development, testing, quality control) can be shortened dramatically since we rely for all the complex processes in the background on our proven SSI technology. Only the field logic needs to be defined since all the rest is already embedded in Coablt. The result of this approach are very affordable e-commerce fields. All payment gateways are provided by Coablt and therefore free.

  4. Your e-commerce solution will be built on one of the best content creation kits available. Therefore all features of Coablt automatically become features of your e-commerce shop.

Based on these points, you will get a great e-commerce solution like no other.

What Are SSI Features?

Beside our SSI technology, we provide right now 2 different product fields immediately, while others are on the way.

  1. Download - is very powerful way to sell files. Just imagine to combine the advanced upload functionality of Cobalt with SSI technology and the subscription features of Emerald. With this combination, you have the flexibility to sell individual items or subscribe to a group of products. We can not think of any better solution for selling file downloads right now.

  2. Voucher - by providing a list of serial numbers, this field will sell one number after the other for every sale. Perfect for redemption codes, pin codes, vouchers and so one. Create as many products as you like and preload them with an unlimited number of vouchers/numbers. Can selling of codes/vouchers etc be any easier?

Standard features, inherited by every SSI field:

  1. Multi vendor - enables any one on your site to sell any product type.
  2. Seller - list of sales, search, filter, change status.
  3. Buyer - list of orders, check status, inventory list.
  4. Notification system - informing the buyer on order status changes and the seller on new sales.