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API reference

Render an individual field

How to get the value of an individual field:

<?php echo CobaltApi::renderField($record, $field_id, $view, $default, $bykey); ?>
  • $record - Record ID or record object which you get through ItemsStore::getRecord($record_id).
  • $field_id - ID of the field you want to render.
  • $view - full or list. Render view - either article list or full article view.
  • $default - Default display value if nothing was saved in the field.
  • $bykey - By default is is false. It tells either we get field by key or by ID. If it is true then $field_id is treated as field key.

Don’t call it in list and full article templates to avoid unnecessary SQL queries. Every field value is accessible and already loaded there.

For a better understanding how to access field values in article list and full view templates, please read Customize article templates

Rating calculation

You can calculate different rating summaries with this API.

<?php $rating = CobaltApi::renderRating($type_id, $section_id, $condition); ?>
  • $type_id - ID of the content type. This will be used to understand what is rating parameters. If it is multiple property rating or single property and how to calculate results.
  • $section_id - ID of the section.
  • $condition - SQL WHERE conditions. There is r alias used for #__js_res_record table. See examples.

This method will return array

  • $rating['html'] - This is ready to render HTML or current rating. It is created according to content type rating parameters.
  • $rating['total'] - Total result as number from 0 to 100 where 0 is nothing and 100 is maximum rating.
  • $rating['num'] - Total number of ratings given.
  • $rating['multi'] - If it is multiple property rating this is going to be an array with will contain sum and num per every property where sum is a total result as number from 0 to 100 per property and num is a total number of ratings given for this property.

    $rating['multi'][0]['sum'] = 50;
    $rating['multi'][0]['num'] = 2;
    $rating['multi'][1]['sum'] = 89;
    $rating['multi'][1]['num'] = 2;

    This means that property 1 (index 0) average 50% rating given in 2 ratings and property 2 is 89%.


With this data returned you may use it in all different ways. For example you want to get rating of the current use in given section.

<?php $rating = CobaltApi::renderRating(1, 1, 'r.user_id = 10');?>
	Total <?php echo $rating['total'] ?> out of <?php echo $rating['num'] ?> votes!

Items Store

On of the most useful helper in Cobalt API is ItemsStore class which allow you quickly get record, section, category or type object.

$record = ItemsStore::getRecord($record_id);
$section = ItemsStore::getSection($section_id);
$type = ItemsStore::getType($type_id);
$category = ItemsStore::getCategory($cat_id);

This initialise parameters as well so you can get access to type or section parameters.


$record will not contain fields.


Another important class is Url. It created Urls. It is important to use this class to create Urls for Itemid to attach to URL correctly.


<a href="<?php echo JRoute::_(Url::record($record)); ?>">
<a href="<?php echo JRoute::_(Url::records($section)); ?>">
<a href="<?php echo Url::add($section, $type, $category); ?>">

Note that urls to add or edit record already passed through JRouter.

$record or $section may be as object returned by ItemsStore or ID.

Create new record

You can programmaticaly create new records. For that you can use API

CobaltApi::createRecord($data, $section_id, $type_id, $fields, $categories, $tags)
  • $data is an array. The key of the array is the name of the column in _js_res_record. One parameter is required is a title. All other parameters like alias, published, access will be set acording to your type parameters. Of course if you set then here, those will be overwriten.
  • $section_id id of the section
  • $type_id id of record type
  • $fields is an array of fields. The key is an ID fo the field. For example you want to set fields 12 and 34

      12 => ...
      34 => ...		

    What to put as fields value? You can find it on Cobalt record form. Just look what values this or that field have. For emaple Status field has a single integer value so ti will be like 12 => 2 and Select field has an array of values 12 => ['value 1', 'Value 2'].

  • $categories array of categories you want to put this record to. Even if it is only one category, should be an array [2] or [2,15,36]
  • $tags list aof tags. String array ['Tag 1', 'Tag 2]

For example:

		'title' => 'test 3',
		'access' => 1 
	4, //section
	5, // type
		65 => 5,
		67 => ['Red', 'Blue']
	], // fields
	[14], //categpries
	['joomla', 'moomla'] // tags

[] is a new syntax for PHP array defenition. So [11] is equal to array(11).

Update Record

To update record use

CobaltApi::updateRecord($redord_id, $data, $fields, $categories, $tags);
  • $record_id - id of the edited record.
  • the rest is just like in CobaltApi::createRecord()