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Change log of this site. Keep track of new articles and what was changed.


Documentation Release

Welcome new documentation website

Thursday, and as usual we release what we have done during the week. This time this is new documentation site proudly hosted with GitHub Pages and generated with Jekyll.

We were trying to create convenient place, where we post all our documentation. At the same time we wanted it to be lightning fast. And it is! It is simple static HTML website generated by Jekyll.

At the same time we wanted public users easy contribute. And this is incredibly easy with GitHub pages since this site is a GitHub repository. And everyone knows how easy it is to contribute on GitHub. You can open article file, click edit and save changes. That is it. All you need is a GitHub account.

What is this news section for

Before on MintJoomla knowledge, people could subscribe records and watch for changes. And this is important part of knowledge source like this. You have to have easy way to know when new articles are added and what articles was changed. And even what in particular was changed.

We will use this news feed to publish changes summaries on every site update.

But for those of you who knows how GitHub works, it is very easy to check latest commits and go even down to what single line was changed.

Hope you will appreciate this site.