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Forum pack FAQ

Add moderator, edit forum and manage access to post topic.

Q: How can I disable ticket system?

Edit section and deselect Ticket type

edit section

Open categories.

section categories

And unpublish (or delete) Private Support category

unpublish category

Q: How do I disallow public users to post in the forum?

In fact you have to know that this is not recommended. There is a war for users in internet. The one of the key to success is not abuse your users. And asking for registration just to post message or to say something in comments I consider to be an abuse. You have to have very strong reasons to force everyone to register.

If I have not convinced you or you have that strong reason, open Topic type settings and change Who can submit to Registered

type change

Q: How do I set a moderator?

Find and follow Moderators link in your menu

moderators liknk

And click New button.

new moderator