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How to use Cobalt as multiple vendor sopping cart

Here it is folks! Finaly here and done right.

Cobalt is integrated with Quick2Cart multiple vendor shopping card Joomla component.

Why Quick2Cart?

This is important question to answer. Of course we could develop our own cart manager but we have chosen to use 3d party component for that. There are few reasons why.

  1. It would take much longer to develop our own cart.
  2. Qucik2Cart supports 100% multiple vendor scenario. More than that, it allows for every user create few stores. And you all know that Cobalt is 100% multiple vendor. So they play togather very nicely. Cobalt allow user to have shop personal catalog even with persoanal categories, and Quick2Cart allow user to manage orders, shippings, taxes, … Quick2Cart is like Virtuemart but for registered users on frontend.

Togather Cobalt and Quck2Card allow you to create somethign like Alibaba or Aliexpress.

  1. Although Quck2Cart has it’s own product catalog manager, Quck2Cart was developed with idea behind, that CCKs are used to create catalogs. And I should say, this is very smart idea. Everyone have to do his own things. Cobalt is perfect catalog. You wount find anything close as product catalog that are shippid along with shopping carts. Since we invest all our time and knowlige to create perfect catalog, so we get one. And Techjoomla invest they time and knowlidge to create perfect shopping cart. Add both todather and you get something, that you would never get in single out-of-the-box product.

How much does it cost?

Integration is free and shpeed with standard Cobalt package. But you have to pay for Quck2Cart, which starts at $33.99. Yes you have to pay, but be sure we would not take less if we would create somethign like this for Cobalt ourselfs.

And for those who wants FREE stuff, we integrated Cobalt weth J2Store. This is free shopping cart and does the same with cobalt, except multivendor and some other related features.

How to integrate?

This is very simple task. When you create type, just ass new q2c (Quick2Cart) field and that is it.