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Customize fields templates

New, unique and great possibility is to change or add any new output or input template for every field. Every field have parameters to set template for output, filter or input. And this is great and unique feature that gives you TOTAL control over how everything will look.

Just copy one of the field template with different name, modify it and set it in fields parameters. Or create file with the same name in Joomla template override.

Field template

As mentioned there are 3 template types output, filter or input. And those support Joomla template override technique.


Those templates are used when formatting field output in articles list or full article templates.

  • location - com_cobalt/fields/[field_name]/tmpl/output
  • Joomla override - templates/[template_name]/html/com_cobalt/fields/[field_name]/output


Those templates are used in the submission form and display form elements.

  • location - com_cobalt/fields/[field_name]/tmpl/input
  • Joomla override - templates/[template_name]/html/com_cobalt/fields/[field_name]/input


Those templates are used in advanced search form or in filter module.

  • location - com_cobalt/fields/[field_name]/tmpl/filter
  • Joomla override - templates/[template_name]/html/com_cobalt/fields/[field_name]/filter