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Payment Gateways

One of the new features that every plan has its own set of payment gateways and payment settings. you can configure one plan to be purchased to one payap account and other plan to other. This may not sound very excited at first, but it is one of the preparation for multi-vendor membership extension.

Emerald has these gateways ready to be installed.


  • Offline - This gateway allow users to subscribe offline. When user click offline button, email with instruction is send. That may be bank details, address to send cheque or WesternUnion payment details. After user complete transfer, admin publish subscription manually.
  • PayPal - The best payment gateway in the world. This is full featured IPN based gateway with recurring transactions support.
  • 2CheckOut - Best for international customer. Legal in almost all countries of the world. Use zsa2co coupon to get discounts while 2Checkout sign up and. Read more about discount coupon here.
  • - Authorize is one of the oldest gateways in Internet basically for US citizens.
  • Worldpay
  • Google Checkout
  • Skrill - Used to be Moneybookers.


Exclusively for Russian market wide range of payment gateways.


  • KazKom - JSC Kazkommertsbank is a leading bank of Kazakhstan.

Custom Payment Gateway

You might what to develop your own gateway, then read How to create payment gateway article.