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This unique feature brings a lot to Emerald. Right out of the box you will get one free field Note.



This field allows user to attache their notes with the purchase. You can place few note fields like Tell us your custom requests and Instruct for sending you a product. Then as admin you will see those notes in sale description.


This field allows you to sell additional products or services with a Subscription Plan. For example you have plan “How to use GIT” for $50. And this is an online video course. You can create UpSell “Get a DVD for additional $7”. Or “Get 3 hours of personal trainings by course author for additional $15”, That is right. You can sell whatever. If user select this field, additional amount will be added to the payment.

Upsell also have its own rule parameters. So if you sell aditional download for example, you can add a rule that will allow downloads of those files only if that option was selected.


This awesome field allows you to sell other Subscription Plans with discount along with current purchase. This is an amazing opportunity to increase your revenue.


This field allow to sel serial numbers. You enter list of serial numbers into textarea field. Emerald will detach one number for every new successful subscription. It will also send it by email to subscriber with a text you set. And show this number in subscription history.


This field will allow user to select for how many days he what a subscription. The plan price become a base for a one day price. User select date when to start and how many days.